Things to do around Rotorua,

New Zealand

Connect with the whole family
We can help you rediscover the joy of travelling with the whole family and make memories that will last beyond the adventure around Rotorua in New Zealand.
Customised your family trips
Our expert travel directors and local specialists unlocking the magic of travel for every family to learn and discover the places we go. Our HappyTours offer plenty of ‘pinch me’ moments for the whole family.
Airport Transfers
We offer a private shuttle service to and from the Auckland, Hamilton, & Rotorua Airports. We provide an exclusive transport option with no wait times, picking you up from the airport and straight to your destination.
Customised Transfers
If you need transport for any other occasion let us know and we can meet your specific requirements. Our professional and trusted drivers will ensure your transport journey with us is smooth and hassle-free. 
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Golf Tours

Tee off Golf Courses 
on off with dicount

we can arrange a customised golf trip of your choosing at any of New Zealand's North Island iconic courses. Just tell us where you want to go and we will arrange a tour to meet your preferences.



Boat fishing charters and fly fishing on offer

Boat fishing charters and fly fishing in the local lakes and streams of the Rotorua District.
Techniques are fly fishing, jigging and trolling. Surprise your family or friends with an amazing experience in New Zealand. 


Ride life, Ride Rotorua.
The Worlds Best Trails

World class trails and fantastic service form the entire team at Mountain Bike Rotorua. Rental bikes were well maintained and worked flawlessly. 

Awesome trails, Awesome people!